How can I scale my team and hire the best people?

 Life is good at your agency — until your client asks you to double the size of your team.

Scaling an agency is easier said than done. Below are some resources that can help you grow your team effectively.



Finding the right talent that fits the job requirements and your agency's culture can be challenging—especially if you're working with a tight budget. This guide will walk you through our proven process for hiring great people and creating a culture that leads to unparalleled success.

Employee onboarding sets the tone for their time with you. It makes them feel like they're a part of the team and introduces them to the processes you're putting in place to grow your agency.




50 Things Keeping You From Scaling Your Agency 

Peter Kang (@peterkang34), Barrel co-founder and CEO reflects on his last 15 years of running a digital agency, touching on points that cover fear, lack of discipline, and lack of systems. Here are the 50 items that blocked his agency's growth.

Effective Teamwork

Teamwork is critical for a companies success and is becoming even more of a priority now with more and more companies building distributed remote teams.