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Website Support Services Packages

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This is a word-for-word copy of the document that's grossed us well over $2 million since we rolled it out in 2014. We had always done some sort of support and maintenance work for our clients after we launched their websites, but it wasn't until we codified a process and created various packages that this part of our business started to really take off.

In this document, you'll find an intro page that outlines what's offered under our support services. You may want to adjust to reflect your own offering. You'll see another page that outlines all the packages. We've scrubbed the actual pricing that we use, but we've left the actual hours that we present as options. You can use your own hourly rates to determine the pricing. The final page is an FAQ that we've compiled from our years of offering this to our clients.

We've found that this document comes in handy even before we land a client. The client likes to see that we have a structured post-launch offering and can take care of their on-going needs. In some cases, a client will budget and sign up for one of our plans as part of the project engagement.

We recommend that you take the content from this document and brand it up. Call the support services whatever sounds good to you and make the packet really nice.

Word of warning: this document will help make selling your support services easier, but you still have to put in the work in building a solid process for resourcing your team, getting tasks done on time, and managing each relationship with care. Without these fundamentals, you won't be able to retain any of your clients. We've been fortunate to have clients start on low Quarterly Plans and gradually work their way up to 5-figure monthly contracts. For an agency business, these retainer contracts are a great source of recurring, predictable income.