How Can You Deliver Projects Profitably?

Project estimation, operational efficiency, good team communication, sound business processes, and productivity tools are just things you need in place for success.

Below are resources that can help your agency tackle the project profitability challenge.



Operations Bundle

Turbocharge your agency's operations by getting all of our tools to run your agency smoothly in one bundle.

Employee Onboarding Checklist 

(Included in Operations Bundle) Onboarding them to your company and culture is a critical piece of their future success at your company.

Employee onboarding sets the tone for their time with you. It makes them feel like they're a part of the team and introduces them to the processes you're putting in place to grow your agency.

Agency Operations Checklists 

(Included in Operations Bundle)
Our "Agency Ops Checklist" mainly deals with three areas: finances, HR, and facilities (anything related to the office space). We also have a section for Food and Lunch as we serve lunch for our team every day. The checklist is used ensure that our daily, weekly, and monthly activities get accomplished.



50 Things Keeping You From Scaling Your Agency

Peter Kang (peterkang34), Barrel co-founder and CEO reflects on his last 15 years of running a digital agency, touching on points that cover fear, lack of discipline, and lack of systems. Here are the 50 items that blocked his agency's growth.


Using Notion to Collaborate and Have Fewer Meetings

Barrel, a 35 person fully remote creative agency in NYC, built an internal company wiki using Notion. Within the first few months of its use, the organization saw significant benefits, including needing to run fewer meetings. Other advantages include simple information sharing, the ability to find things on-demand and fast, and easier collaboration and communication with a distributed team.

Easy Ways To Implement the Best Ideas From GTD

One way that I have found helpful to prioritizing projects is to use principles from David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD). There are many moving parts, and it takes a little while to implement a system and keep it up-to-date. This post extracts some of the more valuable pieces of GTD that you can start using right away.