What is your refund policy?

Just email us at agencydocs@barrelny.com and let us know you want a refund. We'll give you your money back without hesitation. We might pester you for some feedback, though.

Why are you guys doing this? Offering up your internal docs to competitors?

We felt that this project would be a great opportunity for the following reasons: A) getting our own internal e-commerce site up and running so we can experiment various marketing and conversion optimization ideas, B) forcing us to organize our various processes and documents so we can actually get them in shape to sell, and C) providing something to our peer agency owners that we ourselves would've gladly paid for over the years.

Will you update any of the documents in the future?

We don't intend to update documents that we publish. In the event we do, we will notify people who've purchased the old version and offer the new version for free. Be sure to sign up for our email list (see footer) to get updates on new documents.

What size agency would benefit from these documents?

It depends on the document. Some may be valuable for a solo freelancer as well as a 50+ person agency. Some may be only appropriate for companies working in project teams. You'll have to use your best judgement. Many of these documents have been valuable for us as we grew from a 10-person team to a 25+ person team.

What can or can't I do with these documents?

You can edit, revise, take apart, and use these documents in any way you wish. We don't think it's cool if you try to resell the exact same thing. If you want to set up a competing business selling the same thing, you should create your own docs. But if you just want to use it for your agency work, do whatever you please!