Agency Profit Sharing Plan Presentation and Calculator

Agency Profit Sharing Plan Presentation and Calculator

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At Barrel, we've always looked for ways to better align incentives with our team. In 2020, we rolled out our profit sharing plan, which we painstakingly crafted by taking many factors into account.

The goal of profit sharing for us was to share in the upside with the team while also providing a way to build interest in business literacy so that everyone could start making the connection between their actions and the company's  results.

This bundle of two files includes the very slides (scrubbed of some sensitive financial data), in PDF format, that we presented to our own team when rolling out our Profit Sharing Plan. We've also included an Excel file that can be used as a calculator to help team members project their own profit sharing numbers.

Disclaimer: We recommend that you use this as inspiration and not a prescription for a profit sharing plan. Every company has unique requirements and needs, and this profit sharing plan may not necessarily be compatible. We reviewed and ask around about many other profit sharing plans before we landed on this particular approach. Please be deliberate in doing your own research, design, and calculations when implementing a profit sharing plan. We also recommend that you consult an accountant and/or lawyer to ensure you have proper agreements and tax considerations in place.