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Agency Essentials


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Get your agency business moving in the right direction with these seven essential documents.

Whether you are just getting started or are a multi-year agency veteran, it is always good to renew and refresh your business processes.

These seven essential documents will help you quickly move the needle in your agency business.

New Business Questionnaire

The New Business Questionnaire is a helpful and customer-friendly way to get all the details from a new client before you begin working with them. It’s perfect for qualifying new prospects, getting information about their business and objectives, and asking for a budget.

Client Intake Questionnaire

Use this Client Intake Questionnaire to help you get your new client set up for success. It will help you collect customer background, business goals, competitors, and customer journey. You can review answers with your team and clarify anything needed to start a project that aligns with their goals and expectations.

Project Kickoff Deck

By working together on a kickoff deck, you set the tone for the project and align on critical factors for success. Team member alignment will help members understand how to contribute to delivering value and creating a solid foundation for the projects.

Agency Positioning Worksheet

This worksheet can help create an exciting positioning statement explaining your services and unique offering. It will help you determine what makes your agency unique and what value you deliver to clients.

Project Profitability Calculator

Need help calculating costs and margins? This calculator will help you get started with five real scenarios to help you think through costs and margins on different digital marketing projects, including how you can calculate full-time employee costs vs. contractor costs.

Comprehensive Interview Guide

The Comprehensive Interview Guide offers a collection of interview questions and hiring resources. It contains the same questionnaires, case studies, and tools we’ve used to hire great candidates for over 15 years in digital agencies. With our help, you can hire great people with confidence.

Scope Management Toolkit

Brush up on your project management skills and learn to manage scope with this comprehensive Scope Management Toolkit. With this toolkit, you can easily track client requests that change the scope of work, present them in a meaningful way to clients and team members, and monitor project transitions.