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Customer Interview Framework

Template with Real Questions

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For some of our client engagements, we interview our client’s customers. These lead to a great deal of data and some very rich insights that are helpful for us as we generate ideas for content, user experiences, and marketing campaigns.

This document is a framework for our interviews. For our customer interview engagements, we typically source and schedule 8-10 customers and allot 45-60 minutes per interview. We also offer each interviewee a small gift (e.g. $50-$100 Amazon gift card) for their time.

The questions are meant to help establish a timeline leading up to and at the point of purchase of the client’s product and beyond. You can also run this for any customers of your client’s competitors’ products.

Many of the questions (there are 37 total) in here are adapted from the Jobs to the Be Done framework, which you can learn more about from this book.

The document also includes an Analysis section that can help your team debrief on all the interviews and organize the data into clear insights. In Word document format.