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SEO Proposal

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We don't do a whole lot of SEO-only engagements, but search engine optimization is definitely a topic that comes up on all of our website redesign and digital marketing engagements. Whether it's website optimizations to improve speed and usability or creating and promoting content that becomes a driver of organic traffic, SEO work covers a lot of ground and takes time to do it well.

Our SEO focused proposal template is broken into two parts: 1) an SEO Strategy phase in which we conduct a deep audit and research and put together a roadmap and 2) an Implementation phase in which we tackle the items we've built out in the roadmap. The proposal includes a sample roadmap that includes details of some website optimizations as well as content campaigns.

What we've noticed is that every agency does SEO slightly differently and they vary in the areas they cover. Some are very proactive about writing content while others are more comfortable with the technical aspects of on-page SEO. Our proposal contains concrete examples of tasks we typically complete for our clients. What's critically important is that they value the SEO Strategy phase and the roadmap that comes about.

This is a 6-page Word document.