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Simple Shopify Website Proposal

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We've made dozens of Shopify websites over the years for our clients. Shopify is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that makes it very easy for merchants to sell products online. For agencies, they're a great way to customize the experience for clients and integrate with ready-made software to extend functionality.

Some of our Shopify websites have been very complex while others have been simple. This is a simple one that we've used over the years for websites that have come in under the $30k mark. It doesn't have the laundry list of app integrations that a more robust e-commerce website may have, but it's got enough for a small-scale Shopify website with perhaps under 50 products. This proposal has been most commonly used with clients that also sell their products at brick-and-mortar stores or on Amazon and the Shopify website is a secondary channel that is less critical to the business (hence the smaller budgets).

Either way, being able to deliver a $20-$30k website profitably is still good business if you have the process and skills to do so. Comes in Word document format (.docx).