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Website Discovery Proposal (Strategy Phase)

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We've had numerous nightmare situations where we quickly scoped a website project, said yes to a client's long list of requirements, and proposed a fixed fee number that ended up being way too little.

Over the years, we've tried our best to make our proposals as specific as possible and to lay out certain contingencies in case we hit any road bumps, but it wasn't until we developed a more comprehensive Discovery engagement that we were able to see some meaningful gains.

The Website Discovery Proposal is essentially a strategy phase that you sell separately from the implementation phase. It informs exactly how much you'll charge during the implementation phase.

This proposal outlines what we include with our Discovery engagement although it doesn't go into exactly how we run the various workshops and what the outcome of those workshops look like (right now, they are proprietary and we may or may not release them in the future).

However, we thought it would be immensely helpful (heck, it would've been helpful if we had seen this!) for us to share how we word a Discovery proposal and how we structure the engagement.

We've priced our Website Discovery engagements anywhere from $5k-$40k, depending on the complexity of the website project. However, what matters most is that it's treated as an opportunity to turn every stone and to ask questions on all matters including the tech, content, email, templates, design approach, migration, and more. 

If you already have a checklist that you use for biz dev purposes that you feel is robust, great! This is an opportunity to charge for that upfront work and show value.

We've had clients who've come to us with a small budget who, upon having a great collaborative experience with Discovery and seeing the work that goes into a website build, agreed to double the budget. The key is to engage the clients well during the workshops and show them all the thinking and planning that goes into a successful website build.

This is a Word document (.docx).